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Lock It Up for iPhone helps you to secure your sensitive data on your smart phone in the simplest way possible. Our phone stores a lot of sensitive information, which can cause a lot of issues, if it falls in the wrong hand. However, not every app on the phone is secured with a password. This is where Lock it Up comes to your rescue.

Keep Your Data Secure

Lock it Up for iPhone allows protecting your data. Once you save the data, you can protect it with a word password, PIN, TOUCH ID or fingerprint pattern. The biggest advantage of the app is that you don’t need any other app to install. This app works on its own. Lock It Up also protects you image. When you click an image and save it to the gallery of your phone, you can protect it with this app. Your pictures would be protected in the same way as your sensitive data. The app allows you to keep a backup of your password, so to protect you from forgetting your password. You just need to enter an email address and the password file would be sent to the email as an attachment. Just open the attachment on your iPhone and you can regain the access to your data. Despite of offering you such features, Lock it Up is quite affordable. The app only costs $0.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

App Highlights

Easy to Use
Add large number of fields for single entry
Protect passwords, data and images.
Get all the data when you buy a new phone.


Lock it Up for iPhone is perfect for those who are looking to save their passwords in a simple and effective way. You can create and retrieve backups with ease. So, install the app and keep all your sensitive data secure.

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