Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings iPhone App Review

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Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings for iPhone is an enchanting breathtaking adventure game to rescue a missing boy. Bella, the mother of the missing son, turns to forces beyond our world to find her son, after the police and FBI come up. Mainly based on finding hidden object, the puzzles let you explore the world inside this incredible game and save Bella’s son.

Travel with Bella and explore the enchanting world

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings iPhone game has about 44 levels that go through 25 locations with 25 mini games. The game play is incredible and gives more in-depth experience. A mysterious painting of a spooky old castle appears on the doorstep of Bella’s house, little did she know that she would find her son be a part of the painting next day morning. After being trapped, the painting is torn to pieces by an evil sorcerer. Bella has to visit a bunch of other enchanted paintings where the parts are scattered to put the torn painting together. Lost Souls game play involves three different elements. The first is a standard hidden object style of gameplay. The second type of activity is puzzles and the third type is an adventure type gameplay. Puzzles are pretty fun and you can sail like a breeze as it presents little to no challenge to the player. List of hidden objects will be displayed as words and pictures to help you search objects. There is a hint system that refreshed Every time you get to different level.

Adventures range from simple ones of finding a key and putting it in a lock to complicated adventures like finding pieces of a snowman and putting it together. There are two modes, easy and expert mode. In easy mode there are hot spots like stars and hints that let you solve the puzzles. Expert mode is devoid of all these hot spots and hints letting you ponder on your own. The game is priced $2.99 to download from iTunes App Store.


Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings for iPhone is an enjoyable game with so many interesting puzzles and a solid adventure experience. There are some voiceovers that introduce each chapter and the objective which is helpful to understand the plot better. The music is nice and works well with the setting. It is a fair hidden object adventure title and the game is fun and extremely easy.

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