Manual Camera DSLR – Camera Professional Android App Review

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Manual Camera for Android converts your device camera into a professional, DSLR camera. It is a great tool for those who love to snap pictures on the go. It is not just a normal click but a professional one. You can ditch your heavy DSLR camera as the app provides all the features of the professional camera that will take mobile photography to greater heights. You can click all the moments you love with perfection and proudly share them with others through social media. The professional HD features will get you 4K resolution that is undeniably the best feature of the app.

Capture Your Moments With Perfection & Great Quality

Manual Camera is a simple and intuitive app that has pro HD professional camera features. It takes mobile photography to the next level with manual controls and exposure. The app saves raw photo only on rear camera. It offers different scene modes, color effects, focus mode, manual ISO, manual exposure, manual ISO and more. You can turn off shutter sound, change orientation, adjust volume keys, change exposure and zoom the subject. It allows you to remove multitouch gesture and works on single touch. It has golden ratio line and 4K camera line and has options to lock the photo or video landscape and portrait orientation. It has features like location targeting, geotagging, intervalometer, photo stamping and more. The app allows you to set the bit rate and frame rate.

Manual Camera DSLR Android App


Manual Camera for Android is a great performing mobile camera app with variety of settings and controls that you will not find in any other camera app. It is quick to setup and click. It also allows us to record video in 4K resolution. the burst mode will let you take several shots of the same scene. You can also create a time lapse images with stop motions that is similar to interval shooting. It is a complete DSLR camera app with professional capability. The app costs $4.49 to download from Google Play Store.

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