MaxCurve Photo Editor iPhone App Review

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MaxCurve for iPhone is an image editing app that takes photo editing to a new level of expertise. It offers curve and adjustment tools for adjusting exposure or color levels.The app performs precise edits by using comprehensive set of features and tools. The app predominantly relies on curves to do most of its edits. It acts as a great assistant to artists and photographers. It is both indispensable and an essential app for professionals and amateurs. MaxCurve app suits the appetite of the most perfectionist image editors.

Edit in curves with great precision

MaxCurve Photo Editor for iPhone has more than 28 curves when used perfectly will help you better manage the edits. It is a grid of diagonal extending from lower left corner to the upper right corner. Though it starts of like a straight line, the end result is a curve and hence the name. As you tap the diagonal line at a given point, you can slide up and down to adjust the brightness level of the image tone around the point. For a custom editing experience, you can make as many adjustments at as many different points along the line. Not just the exposure, you can also adjust the brightness and the color channel.

There are many other aspects of image you can adjust. Each feature is available as kit. You can manage curves by using maximum of 40 layers. Add layers to manage color, texture, self blending and then add blend modes. Adjust between RGB, CMYK, HSL, and LAB color channels. You can alsocrop, rotate, make mirror and create ratios. Link to Mac or Photoshop and import, export images. Save images in its full size without downscaling.

Best Photo Editor App with 28 Curves

MaxCurve for iPhone uses the most powerful method to get theprecise edits you need.The app defeats the existence of professional image firing applications like Photoshop with its exquisite adjustment features. It can perfectly reconstruct your photography editing every minute detailof the picture. The diverse range of curve tools helps you with better control over the output. The app charges a very minimal amount to be paid for download and usage.

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