MeasureKit AR Ruler Tape iPhone App Review

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MeasureKit AR Ruler Tape iPhone App is a camera app provided by Rinat Khanov. The app is compatible for all the IOS devices with version 11.0 or later. The app is available in App Store and you have to pay around $4.99 to download and use this app.

MeasureKit App Features

MeasureKit AR Ruler Tape iPhone App incorporates seven separate features that exploit AR to fill various needs. The first feature is Ruler: the ruler empowers estimating separations like you would with a standard measuring tape. It chips away at flat and vertical surfaces, expecting you to tap the screen at start and end focuses, and showing a constant estimation as you move the on- screen focus over the proposed space. Next feature is Trajectory: with this feature, you measure by drawing with your gadget in open space. Marker Pin is another feature of this app, the marker pin is by a long shot the most effortless device to utilize. With a straightforward tap superficially you need to quantify your good ways from, and a pin will be dropped there. After the pin is dropped, you can move away and perceive how far you are from that pin at different separations. Angles is yet another feature, this instrument exists to discover the level of a point. Utilizing it requires tapping on one side of the corner; at that point it’s inside point. And last the opposite side of the corner.

Another feature of MeasureKit AR Ruler Tape iPhone App is that Person Height, this estimates a person’s height by first observing where they are standing, at that point estimating the separation to the highest point of their head utilizing face location. Cube is next feature; the cube is a fun method to see how huge or little something is, and can be utilized for things like deciding if something will fit in a specific size package. Level is another feature; it is a guide for checking whether a surface is superbly even or vertical, for that you have to tap where you need the level to show up, and perceive what it look like. In the event that you draw near enough to a recognized surface, the level will naturally connect to the surface and you can tap to affirm that is the place you need it.


With its adaptability of features, MeasureKit AR Ruler Tape iPhone App adequately shows the adaptability and intensity of ARKit. In case you are searching for an ARKit app MeasureKit is something beyond a flawless app which gives a complete camera opportunities for your phone.

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