Meteorfall: Journey iPhone App Review

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Meteorfall: Journey for iPhone is an exciting and challenging roguelike card game that is also about in-depth strategy and resource management. In the game, you choose one of the four adventurers, each with its own unique play style, and strengths and weaknesses, and set out with a deck of basic attack cards. Your aim is to end the Uberlich’s cycle of destruction. You can get Meteorfall: Journey app for $2.99.

Fun Game to Play

In Meteorfall: Journey iPhone game, you start with a set of basic attack cards; but you will have opportunities to add powerful new cards to your deck during the course of your adventure. In other words, there will be chances to obtain new cards from chests or shops, and you can upgrade cards you already have, making them more potent. You are going to need firepower and this cards will give you just that. No adventure is complete without slaying a few monsters that get in your way. In battle, you’ll draw cards from your ability deck. Each time you draw a card, you’ll be able to swipe right to play the card, or swipe left to skip a turn and regain some stamina. Further, between battles, you’ll venture through a variety of locations, represented by an encounter deck. You’ll encounter blacksmiths that can upgrade your cards, temples that can help you optimize your deck, and mysterious characters that will make you all sorts of bargains. As with all roguelikes, death in Meteorfall for iPhone is permanent. You’ll earn some gems that you can use to unlock new cards. But it’s back to the drawing board after that. Start out with a new adventurer and set out on your quest once again.

Meteorfall: Journey game is rendered in 2D. It has cool cartoon style graphics that is delightful to watch. The colors are bright and vivid. Even though the cards are plain looking, the icons and symbols on it are self-explanatory. The animations are slick and smooth. Soundtrack is also nice to listen to. Card noises are realistic as well. Performance wise, the game is slick and responsive. It requires iOS 7.0+.

Final Take

Meteorfall: Journey for iPhone is a fun and challenging roguelike game with an easy-to-understand deck-building combat system. Procedurally generated content gives you unique adventures all the time. The 2D graphics is gorgeous, while the animations are smooth and flowing. The soundrack is also delightful to hear. Game Center integration with Leaderboards and Achievements should motivate the competitive minded. The game is also stable. Check it out if you love roguelike games.

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