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Binaural Beats are pure sine waves that help tune your mind to a desired state. Binaural Beats therapy is a form of sound wave therapy, involves a technique in which the right and left ears listen to slightly different frequency tones yet perceive it as the same. According to research, Binaural Beats therapy’s benefits include reduced anxiety and stress; increased concentration, focus and confidence; deeper meditation, all leading to better performance and mood. The five different types of Binaural Beats each bring with its own benefits – Delta Waves is beneficial for good sleep, Theta Waves facilitates deep meditation, Alpha Waves induces relaxation, Beta Waves enhances concentration while Gamma Waves empower intelligence and memory. Mind Booster from Alpha Technologies is an app that offers a collection of Binaural Beats to boost your productivity.

How Mind Booster Works

Once you install Mind Booster app, listen to individual beats for 10 minutes. According to the publishers, listening 3 times continuously to any individual beat brings more benefits. You can listen to the beats (headphones work best) as you go about doing your regular work. However it is more effective if you listen to it seated at one place in a meditation pose. Ideally the gap between the beats should be one hour so that your mind has time to process it more effectively. Although you can listen to the app any time of the time, the best time to connect to the app spiritually is morning time. The beneficial results of this app, if used regularly, will be demonstrable in 3 to 4 weeks.

Mind Booster app for android features concentration/focus music which helps to increase your attention span. The mood enhancer alpha music helps to make you upbeat. There is relaxation music that relieves stress. Sleep music enhances the quality of your sleep. Meditation music helps you reconnect with your spiritual self. The app features special study music for students that help enhance their concentration and, memory recall and helps them perform well in academics.


Mind Boosters android app helps you to achieve any desired state of the mind. Elevate your consciousness and reap benefits like relaxation, memory recall, enhanced intelligence and reduced tension. Priced low at $0.72, available from the Google Play Store is worth trying out. But don’t expect miracles.

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