Mirror for Roku AirBeam TV iPhone App Review

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Mirror for Roku AirBeam TV iPhone App allows you to mirror all apps in iPhone or iPad on to a Roku streaming or media device. Roku is an American brand of media device that allows you to Internet content on the TV. You can watch paid movie streaming services from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and Sling TV or free content.The app lets you mirror on anything from Roku streaming player, Roku TV, from Roku stick. It is immensely useful app when you want to use the applications in your phone on a bigger screen like a TV or projectors.

Unleash the possibilities of using the apps more efficiently

Mirror for Roku AirBeam TV App for iPhone works smoothly with the help of intuitive controls and features. The app will need your Roku and iOS device to be connected under the same network. As you launch the app, it will search for Roku on your local network. The split will display the Roku device on your network. Select a device and click on Start mirroring.

The Mirror for Roku iPhone App will mirror other applications in the Roku. You can select any app and work on it. Enable the notifications so the app will let you know if there are any issues. Click on Stop Mirroring option on the app to stop the mirroring. You can also click on the top red bar on the iPhone. The app does not work on VLANS, VPN or Subnet. It is the most comfortable way to view all your apps in your iPhone.


Mirror for Roku AirBeam TV App is suitable for watching photos, movies or giving presentations. There is latency in using the apps on the TV. Hence, it is not advisable to play games using the app. The split also has issues streaming audio on Safari browser. It is advisable to use Dolphin browser instead of Safari. The app cost $5.61 to download and use. There are no ads. There are no in app purchases available in the app. Sharing the app is possible for up to six members in a family by enabling the Family sharing feature.

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