Miximal iPhone Game App Review

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Miximal for iPhone is a simple flipbook kind of game mostly liked by kids above 3 years. It is a mix and match of animals where you are expected to swipe through to create an animal or match the parts of the same animal. A completed correct match will be validated by a silly animation and you get to hear the name of the animals in separate syllables so you can persuade your kids to pronounce it correctly.

Swipe, tap, discover and play

Miximal for iPhone lets you giggle and play as you learn the various syllables of animals as you swipe and match three sections of mixed up animal drawings until the picture is complete. The app features about 11 animals that can be mixed and matched into 1000 different combinations of animals. Each illustration are vertically segmented into head section, mid section and bottom section. You can mix any parts of the animal into any combination. For example, combine crocodiles head, gorillas chest and flamingos bottom part and tap on it to hear the name if the animal. In this case, you can hear Crocrigo.

Miximal iPhone App Review

It is a cute and attractive game which the kids will love playing with. The graphics and the animations are both attractive and funny. Each animal section makes a funny little movement. When you match an animal there is silly animation that makes you smile. If the animal you have matched is of the same animal, then the animation is more elaborate. The sounds of a traditional flipbook with an added twist of animation make the experience more pleasant. Helping kids segment the syllables, both the silly and real version, will make them learn the language with enthusiasm as they play.


Miximal for iPhone is all about cute graphics with silly animations enacted by hoard of funny looking animals. This app provides a good learning opportunity for the kids where in they get educated about animals, their names and say the names. It also ensures the participation of parents as they interact with the child to teach them about the animals and its significance. The app costs $1.99 to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

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