MiXplorer Silver – File Manager Android App Review

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MiXplorer Silver android is a file manager app that comes with abundant features that makes file managing and browsing a great experience. It is a fully equipped file manager, robot explorer, archiver, tag editor and so on. It includes tabbed browsing and also supports different types of cloud services and also root access. Customize the look and feel of the app using the various themes available with the app. This lets you personalize the app. It is one of the best file managers available on Android with a large number of active users.It is a bundle of packages available in any advanced file explorer plus the additional features make it such an effective tool.

Manage all that matters in your smart device with an expert file manager

MiXplorer Silver app for android had a fully customizable interface where you can change the colors, change menu options, sort, disable and enable them and also include action buttons. Multitask easily with DUAL panels and easy drag and drop between panels. It had unlimited tabbed browsing. View folders in different modes and sort folders separately as per your convenience.

Categorize file types separately and have customized bookmarks for a quicker reach apart from the advanced search functions it offers. MiXplorer Silver app has about 19 cloud services which can be used as per the support you require. It supports a whole lot of file types for packing, unpacking and encryption. View html files of any type and format. Also view fonts and pdf files. Allies root access for advanced operations. Decodes RAW and TIFF files.


MiXplorer Silver File Manager Android App has become the go to file manager for many.The feature rich technology driven file manager has given its users a lot of flexibility when it comes to handling files and file operations. There are many inbuilt tools like the media player, text editor, code editor and supports access to ftp, http, TCP servers. It is a paid app unlike the one available with XDA lab. The app can be purchased from google play store for $2.80. The reason for the cost is that it includes Archive and SMB2 add ons.

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