Monash University FODMAP Diet iPhone App Review

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FODMAP Diet App for iPhone is a health app that gives comprehensive information about FODMAP Diet. This diet is particularly helpful for people with irritable bowel syndrome. Under a supervision of a dietitian, a low FODMAP Diet app helps you manage this health issue. The app on the other hand provides you with all the knowledge and ways in which you can follow the diet as it is challenging to stick to a low FODMAP Diet. It replaces to an extent a dieticians role if you are taking the app seriously and following the diet. It does give you the best results in bringing down your irritable bowel syndrome.

Keep your IBS away, stay low FODMAP, stay healthy

FODMAP Diet iPhone App developed by Monash University, mainly assisted in managing gastrointestinal symptoms for irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.FODMAP or foods high in fermentable carbohydrates is the main cause for this condition. The app works by suggesting low FODMAP alternatives that suits your health and fitness requirements. Research and development done by the university and all the general information pertaining to IBS and food high and low in FODMAP is made available. Constants updates are done based on various test results. There are tutorials and food guides detailing on hundreds of food on its FODMAP content. It uses a simple traffic light system.

FODMAP Diet App for iPhone has a list of branded products that is certified for its FODMAP content. There are about 70 nutritious, low FODMAP recipes. Create your own shopping lists and also add notes. Record all details in a diary. The app will create a summary of all the details in graphical format that can be shown to a doctor or dietician. The app helps you achieve your target with achieve.


FODMAP Diet iPhone App is an excellent tool to design and follow your own low FODMAP Diet that you can follow. Helps you identify your trigger foods. It is quick and easy to use.The app is not free and you need to download by paying a minimum price of $9. There are no in app purchases or ads

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