Money Monitor Pro iPhone App Review

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In today’s world, managing personal finances is something that all of us have to do. Thanks to technology, today you have number of apps for your phone that help you manage the personal finances. One such app is the Money Monitor Pro for iPhone. The makers claim it to be the ‘most comprehensive personal finance management application’. But how true is that statement? In the following article, we are going to take a closer look at the app and some of the features of the app to know how it really helps to manage your finances in a better way.

Best Account, Budget & Bill Manager App

Money Monitor Pro for iPhone helps you to monitor the finances and also pay your bills on time. You can set a budget and then check how much you are spending and saving. You can create different types of accounts and also create different kind of expenses so to suit your budgetary needs more effectively. The biggest advantage is that amount of customization that you can do which is usually not available with other website.

Money Monitor Pro iPhone App Review


The app allows you to add income, expenses and even to transfer transactions with ease.
You can check the total expense and income of all categories at once, or even individually
With this app, you can carry on your budget to the next month with ease. You can also transfer budgets from one account to another
It supports currency from across the world. So, whether your local currency is dollar or pound, you can add symbols and make calculations
The app also supports Touch ID and you can use it as passcode.
The app allows export data by email in form of CSV, HTML or PDF.
You can also create backup on your iCloud
It supports Dropbox backup & restore.
The app runs perfectly on Apple Watch.

Manage Your Finances Efficiently

The app is priced $2.29 to download from iTunes App Store. But when you consider the advantages, the price doesn’t seem to that steep! So, download the app and manage your finances effectively.

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