NightCap Camera iPhone App Review

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NightCap Camera iPhone App let you take photos at night. It is a powerful app that works like a magic through the night. Low lights or no lights, never an issue. The app can capture stunning pictures. You want to take a picture of the stars or the northern lights. Photos and videos have grainy visuals when you capture them in lowlight. This issue never happens with NightCap Camera. The app uses the complete capabilities of the iPhone or iPad camera along with AI features to create this powerful feature.

Day or Night, Capture Stunning Visuals

NightCap Camera iPhone App is an easy to use app that has smooth and intuitive controls. The app is artificial Intelligence powered. It gives the ability to set long exposure and optimum focus to give the brightness for the shoot. There are several modes that can give a DSLR like result. Shoot a day night time lapse video in black and white. Use the long exposure to get an amazing motion blur. With the ISO boost feature, the app has a higher quality to produce brighter lowlights photos.

Want to shoot in a moving traffic at night, use the light trail mode. When combined with HD and 4K, the app gives you an excellent result. There are four astrophotography mode, like, the Stars mode, Star Trails mode. There are other modes to capture the international space station and also the meteors. Use the noise reduction mode to reduce noise in the images. The light boost can increase the brightness of the image.


NightCap Camera App for iPhone are for those who are smitten with shutter bugs. This app would be your best investment if you have an iOS device.The app fast all powerful features and now you can think of capturing the Orion in its true colors. The app is perfect for night photography. The app comes for just $3.49 to download and use. There are no ads. There are no additional in app purchases available in the app.The family sharing feature will let up to six members of the family use the app.

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