Notability Easy Note-Taking iPhone App Review

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Notability for iPhone is a powerful tool used for note taking and pdf annotations. The app has so many great features that help users take high impact notes. Notability understands that each users have different needs and hence their preferences also vary in terms of note taking. You can just type text as notes or take snaps and keep it as a note. Also, if users respond better to charts and drawings can do so to keep notes.

Take notes, your way, your style

Notability iPhone app is a simple yet powerful note taking app used mainly by students, teachers and business professionals. Helps you streamline workflow whether at classroom, office or at home. The tools available with Notability helps you work with multiple files, text, photos, gifs and even web pages in a multi note view where you can work with multiple notes. The app also allows you to add recordings to the notes using the audio note tool. The audio get synced with the notes as you had written them and as you playback you will be able to listen and see what was taken during a lecture, presentations or meetings. Wide range of fonts, sizes and colours are available to make your notes more presentable.

Annotation is possible on imported pictures, lecture slide, PDFS, assignments and so on. You can quickly switch between notes and drag and drop hand writing, text, images and so on. You can share these notes through email or any of the cloud services like Airdrop, Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on and also share notes to other apps by drag and drop.

Easy Note-Taking & Annotation

Notability lets you develop an efficient strategy to take notes which makes it more meaningful and beneficial. The flexibility it offers in terms of the tools to take notes lets users with different bend of mind use it with ease. You really should not get overwhelmed at the features and use it all, but stick to one strategy that suits your way of understanding and working style and use it through out. The app costs $7.99 to download with in-app purchases available for further upgrades.

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