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Notion is one of the best selling music notation app for iPad and iPhone. It is been in App Store for over 5 years and has won several awards for best smartphone/tablet app. It is an easy to use music creation, notation editor and playback tool and you can sync files across multiple devices. The app costs $18.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

Compose your Notations

Notion for iPhone has a simple, user friendly interface and a set of interactive musical instrument and hand writing recognition capability. Instruments range from piano, keyboard, fretboard and drum pad. For most of the professional musicians, the interactive musical instruments present are the most convenient way to capture pitches, drum beats and guitar fingerings. Using a finger or a stylus, write your own music in your own handwriting with an able handwriting support. You can hear your own track with the playback option. Notion also has samples of popular instruments like piano, guitar, bass and much more. Initially the app will have samples of piano. You can manage which other sounds you can have on your device. Just tap on sounds to play it. Using the multi-track mixer with effects, you can create the perfect balance of sounds of various instruments with distortion and reverb effects.

Notion app helps to customize the number of guitar strings and order the entry for each voice for the drums. Enter the chord name or voice you want to appear in your score in the chord library. Start creating tracks using the simple score setup tool or use a template. As you create and alter your score you can use the articulation, expressions and dynamics available in plenty in the app. Once you are done creating the track, you can share your work by sending Notion, MIDI, MusicXML file or by emailing a PDF file.


With abundance of advanced function, Notion for iPhone makes it easy to compose music. When you can produce professional sounding scores, great sounds and other progressive features is proof enough that you should check this app out.

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