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Obscura 2 for iPhone is a camera app with professional features, great interface and smooth controls. There was a time when we used DSLR cameras to get that perfect shot. But that has become obsolete with the advent of camera apps like Obscura 2. It makes taking and editing pictures extremely easy and quick. It is quite addictive and you will find yourself clicking the camera it quite often. Photography is a creative stream and Obscura 2 for iPhone gives you a lot of space to experiment your creativity.

Shoot the picture perfect shot with Obscura

Obscura 2 for iPhone lets you shoot in a wide range of format. The formats include, RAW, HEIC, JPEG. Use RAW when you want more details and greater amount of flexibility while editing. HEIC uses advanced compression with high quality to achieve small sizes. The app has 19 filters to add effects to your images. It is a bunch of gorgeous filters perfect for capturing wide range of photos. The black and white filter pack and analogue filter packs need to be purchased through in app purchases. Black and White includes 8 filters and good at low light striking architecture. Analogue filters include 7 filters that give a cinematic look to the images.

Obscura 2 iPhone app has all the features that a great camera requires and they are, flash control, grids, shutter timer, spirit level. Library can be easily accessed and it’s much more powerful where you can edit, share, copy, mark favorite, hide, delete and trash images. You can add all photos to the trash album and delete them in one go. Gestures are easy to follow, swipe up to reveal all your photos in reverse chronological order and swipe down to scroll through a list of albums.

Better Camera for Stunning Photos

Obscura 2 for iPhone is designed to capture stunning images whether in portrait or landscape mode. It has wide range of customization options that makes it work your way. Little bit of experimentation and you are on your way to capture the best moments in its utmost creativity. The app costs $4.99 to download from App Store.

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