Old Man’s Journey iPhone Game App Review

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Old Man’s Journey for iPhone is a puzzle game that revolves around an old man’s journey. It is a story driven game that takes you through some of the most precious moments. It is a soul searching adventure that tells story of broken dreams, loss, hope and changed plans in life. The old man in the game gets a letter at his home and he is greatly concerned. He sets off on a long journey carrying a large back pack and a walking stick.

Journey through the beautiful vignettes of nostalgic memories

Old Man’s Journey game app designed for touch screens is an emotional narrative told through beautiful graphics and hand drawn art and animations. It takes you through lush landscapes that is perfect for a wanderlust who would love to get lost. The graphics are crisp and eye candy designed solely for smart phones. Not just the graphics, you will be drawn by the soulfully compelling music which is an original composition. There is absolutely no dialogues in this game. As a player you should help old man in his journey.

Old Man's Journey iPhone Game App Review

Old Man’s Journey game starts off from his home and as he keeps walking down the road at one point he comes to a standstill as the road is covered with lush hills. You will have to align the hill to his position so he can continue his journey. The entire journey depends on how you create the path for the old man to move forward. You will have to move ridges and slopes, point and click certain objects out of the way. You have no help or tutorial, you are on your own and will have to prod your way in to the story.

A game about life, loss & hope

Old Man’s Journey for iPhone is undemanding and a pleasant way to spend your free time. Like the picture perfect vacation you have longed to go, the game takes you through meandering ways like the ones you have seen in postcards. You explore the complexities of life through an old man’s eyes. The app costs $4.99 to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

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