Open It! Pro File Explorer Android App Review

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Open it! – Pro app is a simple, low weight file explorer for Android users. It has full-featured file manager, smart library file explorer, root file manager, storage file manager, powerful app and process manager, network manager and much more. It’s smart, fast and easy to use. Open it! – Pro is also a file transfer app that helps you share files between devices in the easiest way.

Managing files like a Pro

Open it! Pro for Android is a powerful application to manage files and data in your smart phones. Apart from the basic file operations like cut, copy, delete, rename, compress, extract, you can also check the file details and have a full integrated search within the file system. Create new files and new folders within seconds. File Explorer helps you categorize files into sources they were from like downloads, from Internet, Bluetooth etc and file type like image files, video files, document files and so on. With a single tap, easily navigate the library. You can also bookmark all your favourite folders so you can have quick access at any point of time. Access and manage files from different types of storages like SD Card, USB OTG and external Storage with support of FAT file system. Easily starts FTP server on your phone and transfer files from phone to PC. Open the IP address in browser and all your files on the phone are easily accessible. Also share files from your phone using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or directly to other social networking apps.

The device needs to be rooted to use the features of root file manages. Advanced users can explore, edit, copy, paste and delete files in the root partition of phone storage. The app also provides quick and easy way to uninstall multiple unused applications to free up phone storage space. Open it! can kill tasks with a single click to free up RAM and boost speed of your device.


Open it! Pro for Android provides access to entire file system and manage all directories of your smart phone and the cloud accounts. It is a full-featured and powerful file explorer app for Android devices.The app costs $1.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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