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When we write a mail or send a text from the phone, we often make a lot of mistakes with the grammar, the sentence structure and the likes. Now, if you are communicating with your friend, then those mistakes could be overlooked. But, what if you are sending the mail to your boss or a client? You can’t afford mistakes then! Even with your friends, things can get embarrassing when you are making grammatical errors. This is where Page: English Grammar & Spell Checker + Translator app for Android comes to the rescue. The app is just perfect for preventing you from making any such mistakes.

Never Make Any Mistakes with Your Text

Page for Android is one of the one of the most powerful grammar and spell check apps on the Google Play Store. It is a grammar checker, a spell checker and translator- all rolled into one. You can also rephrase your sentence easily with just a single touch. The app also allows you to translate in as many as 58 languages. You can also check the definition of a word if you are not sure about it. Page app allows you to replace the word with an appropriate synonym. It also has a full-blown dictionary. Now, there are some words that we might use but they don’t find themselves in the dictionary. Well, you can save such words in your personal dictionary. There is also a text-to-speech feature, which reads out your text. The app supports both UK and US English dialects and spellings. You get all this from the app which costs only around $1.49.

App Highlight

Upload text templates to Ginger Cloud
Share text with friends
Optimized for tablet

The Revolutionary Writing & Translating App

Page: English Grammar & Spell Checker for Android brings all the tools that you need to write better text. Despite of packing in so much, the app is remarkably simple to use. So, install this revolutionary writing & translating app today and write freely forgetting spelling and punctuation issues!

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