Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro Android App Review

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SafeInCloud Pro for Android is a password manager app that allows you to keep your logins, passwords and other private data safe and secure in an encrypted database. The app makes use of cloud service to help users safely store information. SafeInCloud with a free desktop application is a complete password management solution. All your passwords will be on your phone, tablet and the computer.

Securing Your Passwords

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro for Android has a clean, intuitive, customizable, easy-to-use and a powerful interface. Easily organize by selecting different colors and symbols to label the cards. The cards are customizable slots that stores passwords and data, for each data a separate card will be created. SafeInCloud uses 256-bit advanced encryption standard to encrypt your data on a device and in a cloud. It is the same standard used by the US federal government to protect its top secrets. AES is now widely used standard for encryption. The app analyses password strength and displays a strength indicator next to each password. It also indicates the estimated crack time for a password. Cards with weak passwords will be marked with a red sign. You have password generator that helps you generate random and secure passwords. You can generate memorable but still strong passwords.

SafeInCloud Android app can be locked with fingerprint on devices with fingerprint supported devices. The cloud account that is created for SafeInCloud is automatically synchronized with your own cloud account whether it is Google Drive, Dropbox or One drive. This enables you to easily restore database from the cloud to a new phone or computer in case of a loss or upgrade. Also, import data from every popular password from other password manager applications. You will be able select your preferred cloud service. Add unlimited number of cards. This can be reorder, assigned labels and symbols and have a specific color. The app cost $5.99 and there are no subscriptions or monthly fees!


SafeInCloud for Android is the easiest way by which you can organize passwords and protect data. Now you don’t have to remember all the usernames and passwords and get hassled when you forget any of them. It stores all type of data including images and files.


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