PAW Patrol: Rescue Run Android App Review

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PAW Patrol is a popular kid’s show that has been aired on Nick Jr. channel and TVOntario for the last 6 years. The show is full of fun for the kids and at the same time, it really helps to spread an important message. Like a lot of other shows, PAW Patrol is out with its own Android game. PAW Patrol: Rescue Run for Android is an entertaining game which can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. So, what makes the app right for you and should you really go ahead and download it? Let’s take a look at the app and see how it works.

Be a Hero with PAW Patrol

If you have seen PAW Patrol on TV, you would know what the show is all about. In PAW Patrol, a 10-year old boy uses the help of his team of dog friends to solve problems in their community. PAW Patrol Rescue Run game app has a similar premise. In the game, you join Ryder, Chase, Marshall and the puppies to save Adventure Island. There are numerous of mini-games in the app. You can run and jump with the puppies across three different locations. You need to collect stuff and build your score. You would have mini games where you can have to use the special talents of each of the pups. This makes the game feel like an extension of the TV show.

PAW Patrol Rescue Run Android app also has elements from the TV show, like the fun Pup Pup Bogie. What you will really like is its easy game play and excitement filled levels. There is no violence, no complicated story lines, just pure and simple fun which kids of all ages should have. To a kid, this app teaches the virtue of helping others and also promotes teamwork and problem solving. For an adult, its all just one fun game with adorable cartoon character. This is why it is fun for the entire family.

PAW Patrol Rescue Run Android App


Simple and Easy Game play
You can collect toys and get rewards
All the lovable characters from PAW Patrol
Play and compete with your friends


PAW Patrol: Rescue Run for Android is an app that is simple, fun and hence refreshing for everyone. Not just your kids, you will love the app and its gameplay as well. The animation is pretty awesome and you will feel that you are playing with the real cartoon characters. Get the app today and just yelp for help!

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