Peakfinder AR iPhone App Review

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Peakfinder AR for iPhone is designed for avid mountaineers and people who just love the mountains. Every mountaineer or hiker has always wished for a tool that would provide them with vital information on the peaks they see, so that they don’t have to spend hours searching for it. Peakfinder app makes all of it quite easy. The app costs $4.99 to download from iTunes.

Know the Mountains You See

Peakfinder for iPhone uses advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology to help you gather vital information about the peak you see. You just need to open the app, point the camera to the mountain and a panoramic drawing would overlay the image and give you all the details of the mountain. It also gives you real-time rendering of the surrounding landscape. Peakfinder has a database of more than 350,000 peaks. So from the highest peaks in the Himalayas to that hill in your local park, the app has it all. This directory gets updated weekly. Peakfinder app also has a ‘telescope’ feature which helps you spot lesser known peaks. You can select the viewpoint of the peak using GPS, the Peak Directory or an online map. One interesting feature of the app is that it allows you to fly like a bird from peak to peak and vertically upwards. It is truly an immersive experience.

App Highlights

Works offline
Over 350,000 from around the world
Has solar and lunar orbits as well as sun rise and sunset times
Advanced AR technology
Easy to use
Accurate depiction


Peakfinder AR for iPhone is an application that you should definitely install if you are in love with the mountains. The app is quite simple to use and the results are highly accurate. It has got all the features that help to get closer to the mountains. So, install it today and love the mountains even more.

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