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PhotoPills for Android is a photo shooting app that aids any photographers in their creative quests. For a photo shoot, the app can predict sun and moon position, location shoot planning and instant calculators for exposure, depth of field, time lapse sequences and much more. It is so well designed that you can quickly figure out the perfect shooting spot, date, and time for any scene you had imagined. Using Augmented Reality, PhotoPills Android app will set up the exact photo view of the scene you would be taking at a particular time of the day.

Taking That Picture Perfect Composition

PhotoPills for Android acts as an assistant for all your photographic needs. You imagine, plan and shoot. You can easily plan the exact date and time the scene you had imagined happens. Point your phone at the scene and use PhotoPills augmented reality feature to view how the sun or the moon will progress through your composition at the exact time you specify in the specific location. You can then save the plan in the to-do list of planned and arrange for the photo shoot. To start with, the app has a clean and user friendly interface. Swipe right or left on top of the interface to choose between the three menus. PhotoPills have a map page layout with two pins, one for camera position and the other to point at a landscape that you want to feature in your composition. Choose your camera, map type and other settings from the My Stuff menu.

The main section of PhotoPills for Android is the Pills section where you will find small buttons or the Pills, using which the majority of the work happens. It includes, Planner, Sun, Moon, Depth of Field and Field of View functions, time lapse and astro photography functions. Another powerful feature is the Augmented Reality capability, which allows data from the Pills to be overlaid onto the camera so you can visualize the path of sun, moon, or even the position of the milkyway on the scene you are focusing with your camera. The AR uses astronomical data, compass and gyro sensors to show you celestial features in the sky as you point your phone at it. The app is charged $11.99 to download from Google Play Store.


You be a novice or an ace photographer, there is something useful for every photographer in PhotoPills app for Android; even if you are using the basic functions of a few of the Pills. It not just helps you plan the shots but also helps you nail them. Not all the features are available in the free version.

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