PicSay Pro Photo Editor Android App Review

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PicSay Pro Photo Editor Android App is a photography app developed by Shinycore. This is an entertainment app that help you to edit photos as you like. The app is compatible for all the devices including IOS and Android. The app is available in Google Play and cost just $2.78 to download and use.

PicSay Features

PicSay Pro Photo Editor Android App is not for photography experts, but instead for novices who need to make something enjoyment out of their pictures. People who wanted to do funny things out of their pictures PicSay Pro Photo Editor Android App is a brilliant choice with heaps of accessible features. With the PicSay Pro Photo Editor App you can modifying your picture including changing the brightness and tint, sharpening or blurring, adding burn and dodge. There are a few impacts to apply, just as different augmentations. When you are finished upsetting your picture, PicSay incorporates heaps of alternatives for offering them to your companions, and even binds in to a few different apps.

By using PicSay Pro Photo Editor Android App people who need something simple will receive a great deal of fun in return. The app does both, and well indeed. The menu begins with the archetypal pinches, permitting you to adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, and so forth utilizing a slider. At that point things increase with an assortment of movable stretches, twirls, and lumps for transforming your shots, in addition to the inexorably common place rundown to preset channels for vintage impacts. On the off chance that you need to get significantly progressively imaginative, apply any of the channels and modifications specifically to explicit territories of your photograph. We simply wish it didn’t squander such a lot of interface space on senseless embellishments like word inflatable and cut craftsmanship.


Obviously, in case you are searching for oddity, PicSay Pro App for Android doesn’t baffle. If you snap a photograph of your friend’s face and went wild with silly whirls, and captions this is a great app of your choice. You could even apply the impacts on specific regions of the photograph utilizing the apps veiling mode. PicSay Pro may resemble a new app; however past its discourse bubbles, clip art, and fun house reflect mutilations is a first class picture editor for these days.

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