PlantSnap Pro Identify Plants Android App Review

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PlantSnap Pro for Android is a plant identification app avidly used by nature enthusiasts. You may wonder at the various flora and fauna you come across while outdoors, hiking or gardening. There is no way you would know the names of each one of them. But if your interest lies in learning more about plant species you would try and find out the names and the family each plant belong and PlantSnap Pro – Identify Plants app is a blessing in disguise for those souls.

Rediscover nature, reinvent and unlearn

PlantSnap Pro – Identify Plants, Flowers & Trees for Android lets you discover plant species easily. Identification of all kinds of plans species, like, flower, trees, leaves, mushroom, cactus and more. The database covers all plants across earth and recognizes 90% of the species worldwide. You just simply have to take a picture of the plant and upload it in the app and it will tell you within seconds all the details about the plant. The app currently has about 316,000 plants in the database and you can build your own plants library as you snap and upload pics. Every month it recognizes at least 71 new plant species and the app uses a specialized machine-learning algorithm. You will get automatic notifications every time a new species is added to the database. With cross integration, you can upload photos on the mobile phone and later research further from your home computer.

PlantSnap Pro Identify Plants Android App Review

Plantsnap for Android lets you learn about plants that are in and around your neighborhood. It also allows you to browse its gallery where you can learn new exotic plants from around the world. You can invite friends and get them to participate in a challenge to see who can build the largest collection of plant species in the library. It nurtures the wanderlust in you and motivates you get out and go hiking.


PlantSnap Pro – Identify Plants for Android is the best thing that could happen to all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you are a botanist, then this is one app you really need in your smartphone. Developed by, the app can quickly recognise flowers, trees and plants in a snap. It is a paid app and cost $18.99 to download from Google Play Store; but it’s well worth one for those who can use this to the fullest.

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