Procreate Pocket iPhone App Review

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Procreate Pocket iPhone App is a painting app for professionals and novice users. This easy to use painting tool can get your creativity put in the open. The advanced tools and different brushes help you get all the right strokes, colors and layers. The options are plenty with hundreds of pressure sensitive brushes that can create artworks in great speed. The advanced layer system helps you create beautiful rich sketches. Work on an expansive portable canvas. Work anywhere, anytime, on the bus, at the coffee shop or waiting at the airport. Power of unleashing your creativity is in your hands.

Create artworks like a pro with this art app

Procreate Pocket app for iPhone has a user friendly neat interface that has minimal intrusions and takes advantage of large iPhone screens. Select a brush from the top menu to start painting. There are numerous painting and drawing tools that are arranged in rows totals up to 136. Each tool has about 50 customizable settings.

The Procreate Pocket iPhone App uses silica M painting engine which is a popular industry leading painting engine. Responsive smudge sampling with 64 bit color will help you experiment. Use any third party stylus to draw fine strokes. Create your own custom brush or even import new brushes or brush sets. Use layers and masks for advanced editing. Blend over 25 layers and move or transform object. Draw real time strokes using perspective, isometric, symmetry and 2D visual guides. Use time lapse replay to create high end video creation. Add final finishing effects, like, filters, noise, blurs, hue, brightness and saturation.


Procreate Pocket iPhone app are for those who love creating artworks. They will have an entire art studio in their hands with this app. The app integrates well across all devices.The app lets you import layered psd files. Export files created on the app in different formats. This includes psd, tiff, png, pdf, jpeg and gif. Share your artwork through social media. Upload them to any cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Airdrop and more. The app cost just $4.99 to download and use. There are no in app purchases or ads.

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