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Pronunciation Practice for Android aims to help English learners who have difficulties or questions on how to pronounce words properly and how to distinguish the various English sounds. The app has all levels of English learner with a variety of basic lessons, advanced lessons and pronunciation tips. You will have a great time learning about English phonetics and sounds. You also get to practice pronunciation skills by word or sentences combined with listening and speaking skills.

Pronounce and Practice

Pronunciation Practice for Android easily meets all your needs about pronunciation. It has all that is needed for standard pronunciation and self-pronunciation, precision correction pronunciation. You can create and practice foreign pronunciation for commonly used phrases. It has a simple and neat interface. Bottom control bar has buttons to Start recording / stop recording / repeat playback switch / Playback recording / Pause the recording. The app allows you to set pass code to give that much needed security so nobody would be able tamper with the data. You can record Text Marker and Memo. Simultaneous playback of Google Translate voice and self-pronunciation is available.

To learn how to pronounce words, enter a word or phrase in the space provided. Click the Google Voice Play icon to listen how it is actually pronounced, Click Start recording and practice pronunciation. Click Stop recording when you are done, Click Repeat Playback switch and Google Voice Play icon to hear the comparison. Click the switch again to stop and repeat recording to correct the pronunciation. Your recordings will be saved with a specific voice no as file name. Click the Voice No to return to the history list. You can double-click the History List Date to quickly browse the record.


Pronunciation Practice for Android allows users the leverage to make use of the features provided in the app. How successful you are at making a difference in pronouncing the right way depends on how well you practice with the app. It is a paid app which costs $11.99 and well worth if you are serious about pronunciation.

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