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Prune for iPhone is a simple gaming app available in App Store that requires players to plant and prune a tree to grow around obstacles and reach a goal. It is a puzzle game where you will encounter obstacles and goals to reach as you cross each levels. You will get to know how it works as you progress through the game and face several obstacles. There is absolutely no losing and you can start all over again as many times as you want.

Pruning your Tree

You need to start by planting a seed with a tap and sprouting a tree with a drag. Drag a line from the base provided in order to grow the tree upwards. Branches will start sprouting on it. You need to help the tree grow. For which you must trim off certain branches, which will cause other parts of the tree to grow bigger and better. If you cut off a branch, it will not regrow. The more substantial the trim is, the more the rest of the tree will grow. You will have goals at each level. The goal will be to grow a certain amount of flowers by making the tree come in contact with light. Swipe the tree to move it around darkness and light. As you grow enough blossoms, you move onto the next stage. Challenges are plenty and you will have to deal with elements like wind, sun that will either accelerate or corrupt the growth of the tree. There are many more such interesting challenges that will keep you on your toes. There are several dozen levels with loads of interesting obstacles and goals. There are no time limits and absolutely no explanations as to what you should be doing.

Prune for iPhone avoids any form of frustration over failures. If you fail several times at a level, it will give you an opportunity to skip that level. You can also cut a tree off at its base to start again. Solutions need to be implemented immediately if you find the tree falls apart, gets infected or accidentally cut off a branch. This is not an action game and it requires quick thinking and reactions as you need to manage the growth of the tree. You will have to plan out the growth. You need to be smart and swift in your actions and thoughts. Cut down anything that harms the growth of your tree but you only need to cut what really needs cutting. It has a serene and minimalistic graphics with clever usage of colors. The music sets the zen like atmosphere with sounds of blooming flowers and music cues that inform you of what’s going on. The app is priced at $3.99.


Prune for iPhone is gorgeous, engaging and an absorbing game for anyone who can think critically to overcome the challenges. It does require patience, subtle movements and a lot of simplicity. It is a good learning experience for all as you cross levels and find how tiny gestures can help grow a tree to reach for the sun.

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