Purrfect Date iPhone Game App Review

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Purrfect Date game for iPhone has Cat Island that is full of felines, both wild and domesticated. You can now date them while unravelling the island’s dark secrets. The game has a fresh concept, something we have not seen in iTunes App Store before. You may get the app for $2.99.

Cat Adventure

Purrfect Date game for iPhone is in the form of an interactive visual novel with cat romance mixed in. Your objective is to uncover the secrets of Cat Island through six chapters, each with a new researcher assigned to the task. In each chapter, you got the option to date two cats. Be judicious in your choice as you can have only one. The storyline of Purrfect Date is intriguing, and soon you’ll be hooked to it. The game plays in the landscape mode and the story progress is shown clearly in the rectangle at the bottom. Purrfect Date for iPhone has gorgeous unique, hand-drawn visuals. Cute and cartoony graphics greet players from the get-go, and it reminded me of those old Sunday morning cartoons in TV. Each of the cats and humans that you come across in the story are all unique, distinctive, and have their own personalities that you’ll be able to discover by playing.

Purrfect Date iPhone Game App Review

The game general has a bright and colourful palette, even though there are also areas with dark and gloomy themes. The soundtrack is endearing and whimsical. It is a nice experience listening to the background score while playing. The game also has realistic sound effects that play to match the situation and dialogue that you’re in, and it adds some depth to the drama unfolding before your eyes. Performance wise, Purrfect Date game for iPhone is slick and responsive. The app requires IPhone OS 10.0+.

Final Take

Purrfect Date game for iPhone is a really fun to play cat adventure wherein your objective is to unravel the secrets of the Cat Island. In the process, you can date cats in each episode. The hand-drawn visuals look gorgeous on screen. The game is bright and colourful while the soundtrack is whimsical. The realistic sound effects add to the overall feel of the game. We found the app to be stable as well. Check it out if you are in the lookout for an adventure game with a refreshing concept.

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