RecForge Pro – Audio Recorder Android App Review

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RecForge Pro – Audio Recorder for Android is used for voice recording with great quality. It is a versatile and powerful audio recorder which is perfectly acceptable for any kind of use, like, recording meetings to draft minutes of meeting, listen back and learn lectures or other random conversations. The recording quality is also quite professional with clear, crisp audio within the budget. Hence, this can also be used by musicians for recording high quality songs and music. The app costs $2.99 to download from Google Play Store.

Record, edit and share great sounds and music

RecForge Pro – Audio Recorder Android app has all the features including recording in ogg and mp3 file formats. Record easily all your meetings, dance and song rehearsals, music, lectures and so on. The app lets you share recording on social networks and cloud platform like Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive and much more. You can convert each recording into different file formats. Basic file operations like add, delete, rename and copy is applicable for all files. You can also translate it into different languages available with the app.

External microphone gives you better sound quality. You can play, record, pause, resume and also loop audio files. Search, find and play by date, name and size. Audio files can also be edited. Files support from 8 to 48 kHz both in mono and stereo mode. The file format is mostly 16 bits. You can record in background even when the phone is locked. For uninterrupted recording disable notifications. Move the app to SD card and use it from their. You need to disable automatic gain control for better sound quality. Editing also includes changing the playback rate so you can listen to your audio at varying speed.


RecForge Pro – Audio Recorder for Android can be used like a dictaphone using which you can record high quality audio formats like wav, mp3, ogg. The app is quite reliable and produces consistent quality output. It has both manual and automatic control. The app has some great features like additional file output, scheduling, pitch adjustment. Monitoring stereo recordings are done easily with separate waveforms.

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