Record of Agarest War Zero Android App Review

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Record of Agarest War Zero for Android is a role playing game and is a prequel to the original game, Agarest War, set in the same world. Agarest Zero tells a new story with new characters. In this new series you follow the story of a young soldier named Sieghart who meets with misfortune while trying to protect a young girl he comes across on a routine patrol.

From War to Zero

Sieghart, like any other war hero, is in tireless pursuit of the ladies, inexplicably made off with all the magical powers and fire bolts will keep erupting from his extremities. He is the first in a line of heroes that parade through Record of Agarest’s 100 hour campaign. The first half has him fighting monsters and decides which of his many female companions he would like to romance. The second half of Record of Agarest War Zero game lets you play as his offspring. The choice of bride at the end of the first half further determines the skill sets and weapon of the offspring. The game has over 100 hours of game play with 3D battle scenes and full HD graphics. It has a unique character generation system which lets you customize your main character’s weapon choice and skills. Unlock and change character costumes based on your relationship level with the ladies. You have around 400 different Magic spells and Battle skills and over 100 characters.

The battle system is competent and has strong emphasis on positioning relative to your other characters, with tight formations giving you access to insane combinations of special attacks that can clear your path in a hurry. Every character has different formations they like to work with and has different set of attacks. Finding a good team is vital to making sure battles are fought well, real quick and to your advantage. The app costs $12.99 to download from Google Play Store.


Apart from playing the game, Record of Agarest War Zero for Android also has the ability to automatically backup and save your data to Google Cloud through Google Play Game Services. The voice over is mainly Japanese with English subtitles. For the price it is being listed, you will truly enjoy what Zero has to offer.

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