Redshift – Astronomy Android App Review

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Redshift – Astronomy for Android is for those who are interested in the night sky. It uses your current location to highlight the planets, stars and constellations that should be visible to you. Just tap on them to fly out to them. You may download Redshift app for $9.99 from Google Play Store.

Bring the night sky to your screen

Redshift – Astronomy for Android brings the night sky to your screen. Explore alien planets, enhance your knowledge with detailed information on astronomy and space travel – and never again miss an important celestial event. It shows you the way to any celestial body you want to study. One noteworthy feature of the app is the 3D travel. You can virtually travel to any location within the Solar System; orbit the planets and their moons, and land on their surfaces. Using the app, you can browse more than 100,000 stars, 70,000 spectacular deep sky objects, 500 asteroids, 16 comets and 26 moons as well as all planets and dwarf planets. Well, that should satiate even the staunchest of space lovers. Its 3D graphics standout. Users can watch detailed representations of the planets, moons, asteroids and comets as well as bright and planetary nebulae, star clusters and many other deep sky objects. Further, ten interactive Guided Tours explain the major facts of astronomy and various fascinating events in the sky.

Redshift - Astronomy Android App Review

Redshift for Android also gives you an option to observe the satellites surrounding the Earth. Night vision mode and many additional panoramas and background sounds completes the list. The UI is gorgeously designed. Every planet/star/moon detail is comprehensive. You can even find its relative position or its distance from earth. The paths of satellite/spacecraft w.r.t different continents are depicted on a graph for easy comprehension. It also shows the planets, stars and constellations that should be visible from your current location. We found the app to be stable as well.

Enhance Your Knowledge on Astronomy and Space Travel

To sum it up, Redshift for Android brings to your fingertips the usually unseen world of constellations, stars, planets and spacecraft. The 3D animations are just gorgeous. The virtual travel to any place in the solar system gives you a better perspective of the planets and their moons, if any. Students will find it quite useful to learn about our solar system. Information on planets, moons, asteroids and comets, as well a star clusters and nebulae are comprehensive to say the least. Guided tours are a revelation. Students and astronomy fans should check this one out, its high price tag notwithstanding.

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