Researcher PRO for Note Taking iPhone App Review

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Researcher PRO for Note Taking iPhone app assists researchers in their quests. It is designed to help researchers in their day to day activities that facilitates the process of research. There are many operations that lead to year long effort to complete a research. From note taking to organizing and discovering new ideas there are plenty of steps that a researcher does on a daily basis. It could be really tasking if everything were done on paper and pen. There are chances that you could miss an important point. With hew age internet and digitization, research has been simplified many folds. You just need to search the matter, import it into the app and organize and sync it.

Research made easy by this pro app

Researcher PRO iPhone app is an intuitive app with an easy and interface. The app has great ability to search and discover findings that aid your research. It integrates with most of the search engine like pubmed, scholar and arxiv and also with all the major cloud providers Dropbox, Google drive and so on. The app organizes and stores these papers locally in folders. Mendeley integration let’s you take a peek of the files even without opening it. It will show details of the files like title, references, abstracts and also gives you a detail view. Gives you a nice widget that can be placed on the home screen. You can tag these findings and that helps you get more data from the internet that can be used for the research.


Researcher PRO app for iPhone is simple and easy to use. In a research, searching and discovering is a normal task and the app seems to make this a whole lot easy. The app integrates well with most of the search engine. This helps you find what you need. Verily easily work on all your findings with the of the tools present in the app. It supports Apple pencil device.The app has a minimal payment of $0.99 to download and use. There are in app purchases to subscribe for additional features. There are no ads.

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