Rheumatoid Arthritis Android App Review

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Android App is a comprehensive guide for Rheumatoid arthritis. This app is for those who want to tackle the issues of RA through food and lifestyle changes. Like they say, food is the best medicine. Health issues like arthritis do not have complete cure and the treatment is only for the symptoms. Combat Rheumatoid Arthritis through this app by gaining knowledge on the kind of food you can have in your daily routine. It has suggestions that can easily be followed and put to action. It let’s you stay engaged and actively take care of your health through natural means.

Handle Rheumatoid Arthritis, the simplest means with this comprehensive guide

Rheumatoid Arthritis app for android is a colorful app that is simple and easy to use with powerful features. Most of them are interactive and take necessary step to find your preferences and other health issues you may have. It is done in an easy, quick, graphical format that does not bores you down. Along with food suggestions, it has information on lifestyle changes, alternative therapies and other remedies. It segregates information into what is good and bad and what is neutral based on your condition. Information is updated on a regular basis by the team and the updates happen seamlessly.

All suggestions made in this Rheumatoid Arthritis app are based on licensed content from Personal Remedies, LLC. They source their knowledge from US Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Health agencies, leading hospitals and universities. The app was developed based on the current clinical evidence and they have a team of clinicians, scientists, and other specialists to validate the information.


Rheumatoid Arthritis android app is a health app that helps you combat RA. Not just RA, it has information on most of the common health issues that come along with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Like depression, heart disease, excess body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and so on. It is a great tool to make the best food choices based on your personal liking and becomes handy when in a restaurant or while shopping groceries. The app comes with a minimal payment of $2.10 to download and use.

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