Rhythm with Tabla & Tanpura Android App Review

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Rhythm with Tabla & Tanpura for Android is a music app that lets you sing any song with accompanied by real tabla and tanpura. The app is a very handy tool for singers, musicians and dancers alike. Not just the Indian taal, but it can accommodate the western beats as well. There are loads to experiment with and those who are really a part of the music world will find it quite easy to use the app. The professionals can use it to create great tunes.

Sing and dance along with rhythmic tunes

Rhythm with Tabla & Tanpura for Android is a set taals and scales displayed as lines of rhythm. The app requires you to place the tabs back by tapping the bar. You can just slide the current rhythm to either side to get a new one. The app lets you tap the left and right side and adjust the precision, tempo, sound of the beats, the volume and so on. Select the taal and sing along. This is quite an innovative app that is used to practice songs anywhere anytime. The beat counter with its vibration for every beat gives you the feel and flavor of real tabla and Tanpura.

The taals for each instrument is highlighted as karaoke that makes it easier for newbies to learn quickly. Rhythm app played even when you switch off the screen, there is no time limit. There are about 62 taals and 18 Tanpura. Scale changing options let you try out 12 different scales. The app has a pitch fine tuner for each instrument. The tempo ranges from 20 to 720. Controlling the volume of both instruments can be done using the slider. Rhythm app costs $3.49 to download and also has in-app purchases for various subscriptions.


Rhythm with Tabla & Tanpura for Android is a hassle free app that’s a delight for anybody who has an ear for music. It covers all the scales, rags and taals of Indian classical and western classical music. The new update has great sound quality and has removed similar variations of taal. A must have for every singers.

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