Santa Video Call and Tracker iPhone App Review

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Santa Video Call and Tracker iPhone App let you interact with Santa. The app can help you call or receive calls from Santa. Its a wonderful app that helps restore belief in Santa using technology. Create amazing stories around Santa and appoint the app to call or message your kid. It works like a magic. Parents can use it to discipline the kid. Today’s generation is moving away from faith and belief. The app is a wonderful tool to take them through the traditional spirit of Christmas and restore faith.

Spend some magical moment with Santa

Santa Video Call and Tracker iPhone App is an interesting app that has everything you need to know and interact about Santa. It is a modern way to celebrate Christmas with Santa. Using technology, the sport let’s you call and message Santa. The app can make video and voice call. It is not just a video or audio recording. The app has dynamic and realistic calls that are simulated to know your name and other details.

The Speak to Santa app for iPhone will tell your favorite color, food, sports and other things that can really surprise you. With satellite technology track Santa. The app spots the location anywhere on the globe and highlights it to you. Run test flights with sleigh and follow Santa on his journey across the planet. The globe looks extremely beautiful with 3D and one can zoom in and zoom out or rotate. Take selfies with Santa beard, elf ears and know if your there in the north pole database for being naughty.


Santa Video Call and Tracker iPhone App is quite mesmerizing. It revives the Christmas spirit through innovative means. Santa can finally make an outgoing scheduled call. Get interesting news from the north pole. The calls are made really interesting with Santa. The kids will be surprised to hear Santa telling a lot of facts about them, including the naughty stuffs they did in the past. The app cost just $5.56 to download and use. There are no ads. There are in app purchases in the app to buy video call content and Santa’s video blogs. The family sharing feature will let up to six members of the family use the app.

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