Scanbot Pro: Scanner App & Fax for iPhone Review

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Scanbot Pro: Scanner App & Fax for iPhone is a scanner tool and one of the best among all mobile scanners. Even at this age of digitisation and technology influx, you still find bunches of paper that needs to be filed, it could be receipts, forms, bills, letters, invitation and so on. A document scanner will always come in handy and helps you remove clutter around your work table. With better camera resolution in smart phones and advent of mobile scanning app, has made the possibility of being paperless a reality. The app costs $6.99 to download with in-app purchases to upgrade advanced features.

Scan anything, quickly, neatly, with great quality

Scanbot Pro for iPhone meets all the criteria needed for a great scanning app. An intuitively designed interface helps provide a simple and easy to use app that scans accurately with crisp quality. Scanbot is interactive and understands what it means to get a good picture. As you focus your camera on to the document you want scan, the app gives advice if is a have positioned correct, is the lighting fine and do on. If it senses the correct position, the app will tell you not to move and clicks the picture itself.

Scanbot Pro Scanner App Fax for iPhone

As it scans, it automatically detects the edge and this makes scanning lightning fast. You can customise colour modes and optimization such that it enhances the scan. It has a premium quality of 200 dpi and above which is equivalent to the performance of any desktop scanner. You can keep uploading the scanned documents in the background into any of the cloud services and delete the document from the app. Using OCR, text from scanned document can be extracted and used else where.

Scan Document & Save PDF/JPG

Scanbot Pro for iPhone is the best all round scanner available for iOS devices. It is a good collection of image scanning tools with all advanced features including OCR. Post scanning you will be able to email the document and also upload the document to Dropbox. It is lot more user friendly and the built in OCR in 12 languages helps you view document as text.

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