Scrivener iPhone App Review

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Scrivener for iPhone is a simple book writing app for writers out there. Scrivener’s primary function is to serve as word processing software like Word Perfect or Microsoft Word. Called the tool for writers, it is a powerful, customizable and organized software that lets you compile all your writing in one project within one program. Scrivener provided all the functions of a word processor such as writing, formatting and manipulating text. But the additional features designed to help write large projects like books and novels are what set Scrivener apart.

Writing a book like a Breeze

The first time you launch Scrivener for iPhone you will begin with an interactive tutorial. It is quite a long tutorial where you will have to read and practice. You could do the entire tutorial or read it later whenever you want to learn something new. Creating new pages and folders is easy and anybody used to software applications can do all these basic tasks with ease. The feature that helps us create books in Scrivener is its ability to break up big project into smaller pieces. Whether it is a fiction, non fiction, screenplays, the ease at which you can break up a big task into smaller parts using the app is one of its best features. You can compile your document into a variety of formats for kindle or epub, as a .doc or off. It has templates for fiction, non fiction, scriptwriting and many more. You can drag and drop one part of book to a new spot without any excessive scrolling or losing the spot.

Scrivener for iPhone allows setting targets for projects based on number of words you would want to write for the entire project. It automatically tracks the progress and resets itself next time you open it. There is a place specifically for your characters and scenes. You can jot down important detail about them which you may want to revisit as you write the book. There are options to import and store important files needed to write the book, this could be photographs, audio files, videos, notes and any such things. There is no need to switch between different windows; it is all there within one program in one project binder. Scrivener offers three different types of view a writer can work with: corkboard, outliner and scrivenings. Each has its own features that suit the working style of an author. The app provides a quick and easy way to conduct Google and word searches, translate text and generate names. Scrivener app is a free download from iTunes App Store.

Typewriter, Ring-binder, and Scrapbook

Scrivener iPhone app has everything that’s needed to support the writing process for books, novels and long manuscripts. If you are serious about any writing project then try out Scrivener. This is an advanced word processor that helps in supporting and developing your writing processes.

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