Shazam Encore Android App Review

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Shazam Encore for Android is one of world’s most popular music apps that identify songs picked up by the device’s mic. If the app identifies the song, it displays the name and artist along with a link to download the song. The process of identifying a song playing within earshot is called tagging. With a single tap Shazam Encore app collects short clip of any song being played, which is sent to a database of more than 11 million tracks to compare and identify.

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Shazam Encore for Android asks you to sign up when you first install the app. This enables you to receive tags by email. Shazam has a stunning, clean, white interface with high resolution squared thumbnail. The four features available in the app are segregated as tabs. They are, Tagging, My Tags, Chart and Friends. To access them, simply tap the shortcut on the navigation bar or swipe between them. The Tagging page is the default page that opens upon launch. To start with, tap the big Shazam button in the middle. The device with the help of its microphone will start sensing the song. You should make sure that your phone is hearing the song for at least a few seconds. After a few moments, the screen will refresh with information about the song title and artist.

Shazam Encore Android App Review

Another cool feature is the LiveLyrics, a sing along style display of lyrics the song that is playing. Once you tag a song, LiveLyrics will give a full screen visualization of the songs lyrics, synchronized in real time to the music you are listening to. The app integrates very well with Spotify. You can preview songs and add them to the Spotify playlists. All your tags will be stored in the My Tags page so you can access it whenever you need it. Shazam lets you check out the world wide charts of the most popular songs tagged by users in the Charts page. Share your tags with friends and family via any of the social networking site. You can also follow artists and watch what they are shazaming.


Shazam Encore for Android is the paid ad free version priced #3.99 to download from Google Play Store. The free version, Shazam, is an ad supported app. Paid version allows unlimited tagging while the free version will allow just five tags a month. Occasionally Shazam fails and it misses few music and will not pick up a cover of a song or a live version that is not well known.

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