Shifts – Shift Worker Calendar iPhone App Review

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Shifts for iPhone is a simple calendar app that helps shift workers manage their work schedules better. It is the fastest and easiest way to enter and view your work shifts. Traditional calendars are not ideal for shift workers as they don’t have a Monday to Friday, nine to five jobs. Unlike other calendar apps, Shifts – Shift Worker Calendar for iPhone gives you the ability to set up different shift rotations and then enter shifts on dates or in patterns. This is all done in few taps. You can create your own calendar that helps you view your schedule at a glance.

Scheduling Shifts in a Jiffy

Shifts – Shift Worker Calendar for iPhone helps you program timings, shift patterns, start days and many more and then creates a calendar that lets you see your schedule at a glance. Schedule your shifts by creating shift types with appropriate title, start time, end time and an icon or a background. Additional details like rotation length, days you work within that rotation, shift patterns as well. In edit mode, you add these shifts to the calendar. To add shifts, choose from palettes of shifts at the bottom of the screen, tapping day by day, click by click. You can add up to two shifts per day. Also, setup shift rotation and apply it to your Shifts calendar. Shifts will automatically apply your shifts over any date range you choose. Add as many shifts you need to manage your work schedule.

Collaborate with your colleague by sharing your shift schedule with them even if they don’t have the app. Also, view shifts of your friends. Personalized notes can be added to any of the shifts. If you enter hourly rates, the app will show you an estimate of your monthly income. Add vacation days with a holiday, sick days with medical icon. You can view your schedule on the calendar or list view. Either swipe between months or tap the date at the top. The app is priced at 4.99$.

An Ingenious App For Shift Workers

Shifts – Shift Worker Calendar for iPhone is a blessing for shift employees like nurses, emergency workers, doctors, security guards and many more. With just a few taps you can add shifts, notes and rotations and share it with your friends and family.

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