Simplicon Icon Pack Android App Review

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Simplicon Icon Pack for Android is a collection of icons that are simple and minimalistic. Designed by Pixel Icons Design, Simplicon has beautifully crafted icons that are in bright and vibrant colors. The sound effects are great and give a real pop effect. This pack of icons is great for people who would love a stylistic and sleek look to their phone.

Make viewing your phone a pleasure

Simplicon Icon Pack Android app has a minimum of 4800+ icons with a lot more in the making. The icons are categorized under different themes. Each theme has a very specific purpose. You can select a theme based on your liking. In every update you will find new set of icons being added and older ones refurbished to give a new look. Icons are the ones that form a major visual element in any smart device. Simplicon aims at beautifying it there by making it a pleasurable experience every time you operate your device. Most of the icons are bright and vibrant in color inspired by pixel Icons with a majority of them are circular icons. Un themed single icons are present using which you can mask the current icons in the smart phone. Apart from icons, the app also has 100+ wall papers that are unique in theme and a great collection to give your phone the classy look. You can preview the wall paper and icons before applying. It has a slick material dashboard.

You can also search for a particular icon design and also easily request for an icon design. You have custom folder icon and custom app drawer icons that makes it easy for you to select icons. The FAQ section has answers to a lot of your questions. If your question is not present you can email them. The app, which was earlier priced at $1.99, is now available for just $0.49.


Simplicon Icon Pack for Android needs a launcher that supports the application. List of launchers that supports the application are present in the website. It does not work with Google Now launcher. The app also has in-app purchases from $0.99 to $6.99.

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