Sitting Still Android App Review

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Sitting Still Android App trains users in mindfulness. It is an excellent tool to bring down the stress level and keep your mind free of complex and negative thoughts. Starting from teens, most of them have issues related to stress abs mental health. Proper accumulate so much on their mind and slowly negative emotions and thoughts get filled that you may lose focus in life. There are so many goals that need to be achieved starting from exams, job, career and life. Sitting Still is an app that can help you achieve peacefulness.

Keep calm, steady and with peace by de-stressing

Sitting Still Android App has simple and useful techniques to solve your mental inhibitions. There are guided meditation silent meditations and guided body scans. The silent meditation has features to conduct meditation with just a bell to indicate start and end time and a reminder on your focus of attention. There is a singing bowl that will play at start or end or in between. Add notes and set reminders on each meditation you planned to do.

Sitting Still App Android lets you set your own preferred location and time for the meditation and receive reminders. There is option to set short, long duration meditation or set your own duration. Set messages to motivate you to be persistent. All the meditation sessions are saved in a log and give a birds eye view of your practice sessions and how often you are doing it.


Sitting Still Android App is one of the best apps used for training your mind using meditation techniques. Developed by Academy of Mindful Teaching, the app follows the ElineSnel Method that is renown internationally for its methods to improve concentration. The app works on your attention consciously and you can practice it anytime anywhere and is more effective in handling difficult emotions, stress and excessive worrying. The app costs just $3.97 to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer and no in-app purchases available for the app.

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