Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind iPhone Game App Review

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Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind for iPhone is a gaming app which is a strategy simulation narrative game that is absolutely worth playing. The gameplay dangles between myths, clans and cows. The story revolves around angry gods, goddesses and a set of people.The game is a combination of different stories and strategies that helps a small clan survive amidst warring gods and their followers. The main activities in Six Ages game app involve improving pastures, exploration, trading and raiding. Challenges come in different shapes and sizes, like the dinosaurs, diplomatic requests and illicit love.

Fight for glory and be the successor to the coveted throne

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind iPhone app is set in the world of games called Glorantha which is mythological and systematic. A fantasy simulation game caught between high drama of gods and its clans. There are so much possibilities as you choose actions. You can be in diplomacy with your neighbor, take on projects or wage war. The game is divided into 6 seasons with 400 interactive scenes. The stunning art brings the world alive where humans compete for survival amidst warring deities. You need to explore this big world in order to proceed through the game. You can explore it yourself or send out explorers to learn more about it.

Six Ages iPhone Strategy Game App Review

Trading helps you and your clan stay alive and fed well and can bring in valuable alliances. You get to gather ancient tales and chronicle all the events on war. A member of your clan will get a chance to enter the world of God and also play the role of a deity. This is a ritual that is risky but if you succeed, you will be rewarded enormously. The app costs $9.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

Mythic story-driven strategy

Six Ages for iPhone is the game for those who love tap tap taping away on your screens. It is immensely enjoyable with multiple interactive screens and outcomes. It has very short episodes such that you can even play when you have s minute. It is a wealth of wonders with advisors and distinctive personalities guiding you through out the game.

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