Skit Premium App Manager for Android Review

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We all have a number of apps on our Android phone. There are some apps which we absolutely love and we want all our friends to have them. One of the easiest and the most accurate ways of doing that is to transfer your APK files. APK files are the files that ‘make’ up the app. One of the most effective ways to do transfer APK files is to use Skit Premium. This is an Android app which allows you to extract APK files with ease and transfer them with ease. So, let us take a look at the app and see how it works.

Transfer APK files with Ease

Skit Premium for Android is a paid app and you have to pay $2.99 to download it and use it. Now, you might wonder whether you should put your money behind it. Well, there are plenty of features of the app and the best part is, the app is extremely simple to use. You can use the app to extract and transfer APK files, even if you are not particularly tech savvy. Speaking of extracting files, Skit Premium can extract files from almost any app, even your system files. For example, if your friend has a phone app that they don’t like, you can extract the APK files for your phone app and send it to them. They can just install the files and get the app. It is that simple! You can also use Skit Premium to get the details of the app. You can check the files, the permissions, date of installation and the date for update. All the information is really useful for a number of reasons. In the premium version, you can get access to even more interesting and useful features. All this makes Skit Premium standout from the rest.

Skit Premium App Manager for Android Review


Extract and send APK files with ease
Extract System files as well
You can delete multiple user applications


Skit Premium for Android is made for extracting files in a hassle-free way, and it manages to do that perfectly. If you are an Android geek or someone looking to get more out of their Android phone, then Skit Premium app that you need.

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