SKRWT for Android – Best Lens Correction App Review

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SKRWT for Android is a perspective and lens correction app that helps enhance or distort the images with a few taps. You do not require a formal training on photography or technology to use this app, just a basic knowledge on editing photos will suffice. Absolutely no complicated process of a real photography retouching, you just need to tap away to make the changes. Similar to Photoshop, it has the editing features you need to make your editing job easy.

High end photography in an instant within your reach

SKRWT for Android comes with two features, MRRW and 4PNTS. MRRW let’s you create mirror images and 4PNTS allows you to adjust corners of a photo manually. MRRW have total of five options for those who love perfect symmetry. 4PNTS has four options for all its four corners and by placing the editing button in the middle you can adjust the entire photo. The user interface is self explanatory and intuitive. You can get the perfect symmetry of mirror images with correct horizontal and vertical lines with distortions, adapters, DLSRs, GoPro and a drone camera.

The various editing options include, stretching and flipping the photo both vertically or horizontally, turning the photo by 90 degrees, pulling the right and left side forward and backwards, darkening or lightening the background of the photo. Buttons for auto cropping, manual cropping and grid placing are also available. There are five different choices for perspectives, mobile, wide, fisheye and GoPro. Click the sharing button, to share and save the photos. You can really be a professional photographer and editor with this app. SKRWT app costs $1.49 to download and use.

High-End Mobile Photography App

SKRWT for Android is a quick and easy way to correct your photos and avoid common photography mistakes. You just need to upload, scan or add your photo. If you love symmetry and are in a dire need to get a great makeover to your photos. Pronounced as screw it, brings in high end mobile photography in your palms. It is regarded as one if the best and must have photography apps for your smart phone.

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