Sky Dancer Premium Android Game App Review

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Sky Dancer Premium is one of the best running game apps in Android platform developed by TOPEBOX with good graphics and perfect gameplay. The main aim of the game is to show parkour skills by running and jumping across platforms, collecting coins and avoid obstacles on the way through. The game has been really addictive and stylish in its way of making. It resembles to the infamous android game temple run.

Parkour Revolution Is Here

At the beginning of Sky Dancer Premium game, you need to play as the character named Tharbadis and later on further characters can be unlocked by collecting light orbs on the way. There were around 10 characters introduced by the developers and more to come in the future updates. The game offers jumping from one platform to another or above obstacles and jumping can be done by tapping both sides at a time. Tapping left or right controls the direction of the character. The platforms were different at different areas where at some platforms the climate may be stormy and in some it may be of clear skies. The atmospheric changes such as from evening to night with full moon can also be noticed. Running along the platforms and collecting coins is the basic task but watch out for the obstacles nearby. When the player dies, he can use up coins or can watch an ad to revive back into the action. The background music also was good and the controls were a bit difficult at the beginning. There were also challenges to earn more coins such as Dive across a chasm or performing a precise jump after a perfect landing etc.

Sky Dancer Premium Android App Review


In the Premium version of the Sky Dancer Android app the user will have 4 characters at the beginning of the gameplay and also there will be no ads and the player can open chests without watching the ads. It requires permission for full network access, preventing phone from sleeping, receive data from internet etc. The game had achieved the Android excellence game award from Google play. More updates in the future will make it one of the best gaming app in the play store. The smooth game play has been a real plus point of this game and it really addictive too! The app is priced at just $0.29 to download from Google Play Store.

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