Sleep as Android Unlock Smart Alarm App Review

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Sleep as Android Unlock Smart Alarm App keeps track of your sleep pattern. It also acts as your alarm that reminds you of your sleep and wake up pattern. Sleep is one of the important factor that decides your physical and mental health. A good sleep is mandatory for a person to lead a healthy and happy life. Sleep deprivation can lead to insomnia, depression, fatigue and other illness. A good night’s sleep can energize your day and can keep you active. This app is a smart alarm clock that can help you imbibe healthy sleep pattern.

Sleep like a baby with a smart alarm on duty

Sleep as Android Unlock is a simple and beautiful app that helps you have a restful sleep. The features are interesting and worth a try. The app can track your sleep time. The graph history will show the sleep pattern. Tackle your sleeplessness with all the features in this app. Fall into deep sleep with gentle, soothing lullabies and binaural tones from the playlist. This helps you fall really quick into deep sleep.

The Sleep as Android Unlock Smart Alarm App has gentle alarm to wake you up not startle you. It slowly wakes you up and you will not sleep over again. Use the app to detect snoring and also make an analysis with the statistics. Use Smart Alarm App during your flights to avoid jet lag. Get additional feature by integrating Google Fitness and Health apps. Share you sleep statistics with your family and friends through social media.


Sleep as Android Unlock Smart Alarm App is a feature rich alarm clock that does more than what it has to do. The app can soothe you to sleep. It can also wake you up gently. Not just the sleeping pattern, the app can detect snoring, talking and sleep walking as well. With the help of this app, you are never going to miss you sleep or wake up late. The app cost just $2.66 to download and use. There are no ads. There are no additional in app purchases available in the app.

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