Space Age Cosmic Adventure iPhone App Review

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There was a time when space was considered to be the ‘final frontier’. The entire space race and the possibility of exploring faraway planets had captured the imagination of an entire generation. There have been numerous games in the past centered on space exploration. Things have changed a lot now, but still somewhere we have that yearning for such games. If you have an iPhone, then you can revisit those retro gaming days by installing Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure game for iPhone.

Explore the Mysteries of Space in the Classic way

Space Age Cosmic Adventure game for iPhone is set in the retro futuristic world of 1976. You are a space explorer leading a team of fellow explorers on an unexplored planet called Kepler 16. The most adorable thing about the game is the classic ‘pixel’ graphics. There are multiple characters to control, which you can do either individually or in groups. You get a lot of puzzles and mysteries to solve as you go along the way.

App Highlights

Classic pixel graphics
Excellent controls
Different environment and strategies to explore
Themes of action and romance


Space Age: Cosmic Adventure for iPhone is a treat for classic game lovers. There are a lot of features that would give you an immersive gaming action. So, install the app today and transform yourself to the classic gaming age.

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