Star Wars KOTOR Android Game App Review

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Star Wars is one of the most legendary film franchises, quite undeniably so. Today, the impact of Star Wars has gone beyond films. There is huge number of fans, who are quite passionate about Star Wars. If you are one of them and you own an Android phone, then one of the best apps that you can install is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or KOTOR. It is one of the most awesome RPG games based on the most amazing theme ever – Star Wars! The app costs $4.99 to download from Google Play Store.

Explore the World of Star Wars

Alright, let us start with the premise of the game. Star Wars: KOTOR for Android takes you four thousand years before the Galactic Empire. Thousands of Jedi Knights are at war with Sith. You are a brave Jedi warrior who needs to use the Force and save the Republic. The game would take you to various Star Wars locations like Kashyyyk and Tatooine. You can choose your own customizable character from a list of characters like Droids, Twi’leks and Wookiees. You would also get to create your own lightsaber and travel to parts unknown in your own starship, the Ebon Hawk.

Star Wars KOTOR Android App Review

App Highlights

Amazing RPG experience with lot of different stars, vehicles and as many as 40 different powers
Full HID controller support
Achieve Feats
Streamlined user interface
Simplified touch experience


Star Wars: KOTOR is one of the most immersive RPG games on the Android platform. It offers you everything that you expect from a Star Wars game. So, install the app and join the fight to save the Republic. May the force be with you!

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