Story Planner Outline Novel & Screenplay iPhone App Review

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Story Planner – Outline your Novel & Screenplay for iPhone is a powerful app that would come handy for anyone working on their next novel or screenplay. You can draft out your characters, settings, story structure, and everything else using this app. Story Planner app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for $3.99.


The outline is one of the most powerful weapons of a writer. Story Planner – Outline your Novel & Screenplay iPhone app allows you to outline your stories quicker and easier. It is a comprehensive tool that helps you to lay out your characters, settings, chapters and acts, scenes, and more. The app helps you out in planning your stories before you pen the words. Users can create as many writing projects as they wish, create characters and locations for your stories, as well as make the scenes for story step by step. It uses intuitive drag and drop gestures lets you to arrange or rearrange scenes in seconds. Similarly, you can link characters and locations to the scenes easily. Of course, you can duplicate your projects or export your writing projects to text files (.rtf and .txt), PDF, Final Draft and Scrivener. Users can also create backups of their projects and import and export them via e-mail or iTunes File Sharing.


The standout feature of Story Planner app for iPhone is the story stats. With story stats, you can see your whole story at a glance, choose the right outline for your stories, choose the best structure for your scenes, as well as get cohesion and balance in your novels, screenplays or tales. The user interface of Story Planner for iPhone is well designed and easy to use. As mentioned, the controls are intuitive. We found the app to be pretty stable and responsive as well.


Story Planner app for iPhone makes story writing a more streamlined process. It provides different ways to organize your characters, locations, and scenes, as well as exporting your data out. The story stats is a revelation. It gives you an overall perspective of the development of the plot as well let you choose the best structure or outline for your stories. The UI is well designed and intuitive to use. The app also let you sync all your projects to iCloud. Overall, a well-oiled story-mapping and organizational stories tool designed for writers and screenplay creators.

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